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SubjectNSF player for SNES  
Posted byMemblers
Posted on3/3/03 8:42 PM
From IP68.58.99.218  

I figured my NSF player isn't going to get any better, (short of being re-writing from scratch) so I'm releasing it now.

It runs on SNES, and supports about 470 NSFs in an internal library. It can also load (unbankswitched) NSFs externally, from the "cartridge's" 32KB of BRAM/SRAM/whatever.

Here's the main program, with only 'scene' NSFs:

And an IPS patch to use on the rom, which will add all the other NSFs:

An IPS patching program is included in the archive.

If you try it out, let me know what you think.

SubjectRe: NSF player for SNES new  
Posted byAnonymous
Posted on3/4/03 09:21 AM
From IP68.63.4.234  

Cool! You even included most of the games title screens as well! :) Thanks for sharing this!


SubjectEspecially interesting! It's 6502-ified! new  
Posted byCMA Death Adder
Posted on3/5/03 04:43 AM
From IP67.248.5.44  

Greetings, forum patrons.

I really did not expect to see something like this released for the Super Nintendo any time soon. How pleasant a production, good sir. I thank you for making it available to us.

Probably most amusing to me (and anyone else with sharp ears) was the level of sound quality in even an early attempt as this. Also, I was especially pleased to discover that you represented most of my own bizarre favorites in your patch update - most notably, C&E INC's own "Sheng Huo Le Zhuan" RPG game. KUDOS!

This is one of those rare, inspirational jobs that should slap some sense into the other people who crawl around looking for SNES projects to code. If more things, even simple (yet useful) as this would appear, there'd be more life for these otherwise abandoned game systems. Super Nintendo + Megadrive (Genesis) rule the console world, so let's not forget them. NES support on SNES is keen. It's the kind of thing that makes you want to wear sunglasses in the shower. Thanks, Memblers. You gave my day something more enjoyable to experience.

Take care, all.

- Death Adder

SubjectRe: NSF player for SNES new  
Posted byAnonymous
Posted on3/5/03 3:23 PM
From IP172.142.37.201  

Incredible! Really enjoyed it-- you included almost all my favorite NSFs. ^_^


SubjectRe: NSF player for SNES new  
Posted byburnerO
Posted on3/8/03 8:14 PM
From IP67.66.173.114  

I posted this over at pdroms, but eventually found this place:

Hiya Memblers,

Just wanted to express a huge thank you for this.

I've been aching for a NSF player for Dreamcast for the longest time, and it came in the form of this.

There's a SNES emulator for Dreamcast called DreamSNES and your player runs perfectly under it. The interface and the backdrops are a very nice touch.

Thanks a million,

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