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SubjectRe: CPU cycles in V/HBLANK  
Posted by<_Hyde_>
Posted on6/17/04 10:52 AM
From IP66.53.54.64  

I thought I'd post something here based on my experience. During the scanline emulation process, you should execute the CPU core for 84/85 cycles. This amount corresponds to the number of CPU cycles it takes the PPU to render 256 pixels. Once this is done, you should update the vertical/horizontal scrolling counters (Loopy_V and Loopy_T). After that, the core should execute 29 other cycles (corresponding to the HBlank period) and then update Loopy_V with Loopy_T (Loopy_V = Loopy _T). This scheme has worked quite well for me: games like Battletoads, Radracer, and Bigfoot run without glitches.

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